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Our purpose built premises enables us to recycle up to 100% of all waste collected. We can handle paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, brick, natural stone, metal and soil. This is vital in helping to preserve the local environment.

Within our waste transfer station we are able to separate waste efficiently from the moment it arrives.

On arrival waste is sorted manually. Once this is done, it is fed onto a conveyor which subsequently feeds the waste into a Trommel. This is effectively like a round drum made of strong mesh, three layers thick so soil may be segregated from the rest of the waste. The remainder of the waste moves out from the end of the Trommel and reaches a magnetic belt. This then collects all metal and rotates, dropping the metal into a collection bay below.

Waste which is obviously not metal proceeds down a line with manual pickers on either side. Some will pick wood and drop this into a bay below. Others will pick out plastic which is dropped into its own designated area. At the end of the conveyor belt there is a fan which blows all waste paper away into a netted area. This ensures paper does not blow back out into the station again.

Finally, the end of the run is specifically for stone which is not feasible to pick up due to size. We provide skips ranging from 2 to 50 cubic yards and are able to undertake contract work and a same day drop and collection service. All our services are up to the highest standards. Our site is thoroughly inspected once every 3 months by the Environment Agency. We are fully competent to the highest standards in securing the safe handling of waste in Great Britain today.

Paper and cardboard is bailed and transferred to paper mills where it is processed into re-usable products. The same processes apply to plastic and wood.

Brick is wholesaled out to construction companies, both local and further afield. Also, local farmers use the product for new building projects. By processing brick in this way the costs involved are far less than going to a quarry for new material.

Natural stone is collected and used on various projects for National Parks, restoration, building and local council work.

Metal is taken to a local recycling company; here it is processed for many uses including the car industry.

Soil goes through a process at our waste transfer station which separates all other waste form it (i.e. bricks, stone and general rubbish). The soil is then treated and reused for various requirements.

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