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EWR’s Concrete operation is handled by our sister company, ‘Triple C Concrete’ and we can deliver Ready Mix Concrete to anywhere in the Ribble Valley, North Yorkshire

All Concrete is Ready Mixed and ready when you are.

Locally mixed by our expert batchers, Triple C Concrete is the first choice supplier for small and large concrete loads and cash sales. From small DIY jobs through to larger building projects our fast and friendly local service combined with guaranteed quality concrete and specialist concrete mixes allow you to get on with the job with peace of mind.

  • Free technical advice
  • Credit card and cash sales
  • No Minimum delivery
  • Home Ready Mix Concrete
  • For all types of domestic applications, from driveways to conservatory floors and foundations.
  • Farm Ready Mix Concrete
  • For all types of agricultural applications, from farm yards to cattle sheds and storage areas.
Why Choose Us?
  • Family Run Business
  • Specialist in ready-mixed floor screeds
  • Pumping service can be arranged
  • Large or small quantities delivered
  • Free advice for concreting and screeding
  • Short Notice Orders
  • Large Fleet of Vehicles
  • Most Areas Covered
  • Small & Large Trucks
  • A Quality Service
  • Our Services
  • Quality Floor Surface Solutions
  • Building Foundations
  • Paths, Patios & Driveways
  • Shed & Garage Bases
  • House Floors
  • Industrial Floorings
  • Supply & Delivery Of Ready Mix Concrete
  • Floor Screed
  • Fibrescreed
  • Pumping Service
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Highly Professional Service
  • We are proud that 50% of our industrial ready mix concrete business comes from repeat customers & recommendations


How long do I have before the concrete will go off?
As a guide, allow 2 hours. This can be affected, however, by any of the following:
Weather conditions, e.g. if it's hot, the time can be shorter

Retarders can prolong the time by between 4 and 8 hours.
How long can the truck be on site?
This can be negotiated on order but generally we don't charge for up to 30 minutes once the truck has arrived on site. After this time, a charge will then be applied.
1Are you in need of ready mix concrete for your DIY project?
Perhaps you are on the lookout for a reliable supply of ready mix concrete delivered to your building site on a daily basis? If so, contact Triple C Concrete, the best cement delivery service you will find. Whether you are a resident or a business, contact Triple C Concrete for a reliable and cost effective cement delivery service that will not be beaten.

Give us the measurements and we will tell you how much concrete you need.
Minimise manual handling of concrete by ensuring the truck mixer is as close to its final location as possible. The less you move it the better.Start pouring concrete in a corner and work away from it.

Use the correct tools, such as a square nose shovel or concrete rake. Using the wrong tools can cause segregation.
3Health & Safety Guidelines
When placing concrete, full length shirts and trousers should be worn, along with rubber boots and gloves and eye protection should be available in cases of splashes.

Cement can cause skin irritation and burns. The combination of wetness, alkalinity and abrasiveness of the mix may cause irritant contact dermatitis.

In some people, sensitive to chromium compounds, they may experience allergic contact dermatitis.

Wash skin immediately on contact and remove wet clothing as soon as possible.
4Using the Correct Tools
Edgers: Used to produce a clean surface edge that is less likely to chip.

Groovers: Used to cut joints to a depth of at least one quarter the slab thickness, helping to control crack location due to contraction caused by temperature changes and drying shrinkage.

Floats: Used to bring mortar to the surface for further trowelling and helps remove imperfections in the slab finish.

Trowels: Used to produce a hard, dense surface finish.

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